Late last year, Retail Systems Research surveyed retailers worldwide and found that many organizations struggled to tap into the data sets at their disposal.

The reasoning wasn’t solely because they didn’t have the expertise (although that was the case for 46% of respondents). 56% of respondents said it was because they don’t have the bandwidth, 38% said their analytical engines couldn’t handle everything coming in, and 25% didn’t have anywhere to put the data once it was collected. Those aren’t hurdles in analysis.

They’re hurdles in operations and infrastructure, which are surprisingly common among companies striving to collect and crunch data independently.

These challenges are some things that hiring a data as a service provider can help with. Like anything in the “as a service” family, Data as a Service providers serve up its data-centric insights through the cloud securely and affordably.


Source: https://www.rocketsource.co/blog/data-as-a-service/

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