We all know that teenagers are facing issues everyday. In order to help the troubled teens we need to know what these issues are and how we can help them to become successful and strong adults. This educational infographic showcases shocking teen stats about drugs, depression, violence and mental health.
Drugs are huge problem for the teenagers nowaydas. According researches, 26 percent of 12th graders are reported getting drunk in the previous month. Getting drunk is also big issue as long as the same percent of 12th graders are reported getting drunk.
Another enormous problem is the depression and suicide. About two thirds of teens are with major depression. They also suffer from another mental disorder, such as anxiety, addiction to drugs and so on.
Many times, youth struggling with the forementioned problems end up with serious life long problems, and some find themselves in jail or prison. Fortunately, this infographic incorporates the types of schools for troubled teens. For more information read this superb infographic thoroughly.



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