Are there an awful itching and scratches on a head, neck and around the ears? This infographic explores how to get rid of lice and provides valuable tips. However, the most important advice is not to panic.

Use combs and pediculicidal sprays and shampoos. According to the infographic, applying homeopathy is a waste of money. Never use methylated spirits or kerosene as well.
Furthermore, the infographic describes how to repel lice. You should use tree oil or lavender essential oil because lice hate such smells. Those who spend much time with lots of people where they can encounter lice infected persons often use tea tree oil.

At the end, the infographic gives 5 tips to prevent lice. They are easy to follow and will save your nerves and time. These include washing the hair daily and not letting strangers touch your hair. Additionally, do not sleep on someone’s bed or carpet as well as wearing other people’s hats.



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