LEGO may have been born in Denmark, but it has since become the unofficial building block of America. From theme parks to hit movies to the billions spent on new sets every year, our country is obsessed with LEGO. To honor this love affair between the greatest country on Earth and the greatest toy on Earth, hundreds of LEGO Master Builders have recreated some of the most famous American landmarks brick by brick.

There have been LEGO Empire State Buildings, LEGO Mount Rushmores, LEGO Golden Gate Bridges and LEGO Space Needles. From sea to shining sea, if it fits within our borders, it’s probably been LEGO-fied. Of course, those recreations were just scale models.

Which got us thinking … how many LEGO would it take to build an actual Empire State Building and an actual Mount Rushmore and an actual Golden Gate Bridge? For that matter, how many LEGO would it take to build the Pacific Coast and the Atlantic Coast and everything in between? How many LEGO would you need if you wanted to rebuild the entire United States brick by brick?



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