Hotel Technology Trends’ which is a snapshot of how the hotel industry is evolving with the advances in technology and where it needs to look to for the future. It captures the power of widgets/plugins,social media, and 5G technology.

According to the Harbans Singh, the frond desk of the future will change with the developments in mobility and cloud-based applications. Guests are going to be driving the needs for the technology deployed in the hotels, unlike currently where hotels are deciding their guests need.

One striking technology trend is the review widget/plugin implementation. Embedding a review widget or plugin on your website allows potential guests to read unbiased feedback from your previous guests, without leaving your website.

Except for Facebook, no other social media channel is used intensively across the hotel industry. Only in 1 in 3 currently have videos on YouTube, even though the video has become the single most important online format predicted to account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2019.



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