From interactive cooktops, to hologram entertainment the home of the future is fast becoming a reality. This infographic explores some of the most cutting edge technology on the market, while also looking ahead at what the home of the future will be like. As we move into 2015, home technology is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. The home of the future exists today an it is eco-friendly, energy efficient, and technologically enhanced to embrace the scientific knowledge of the 21st century.
This technology infographics depicts how people’s perception of luxury in the home has changed. Nowadays it is more about experience, uniqueness, sustainability and individuality.
Modern kitchen designs is where you will find most of the eco-friendly design advances surfacing. Among the modern kitchen designs are the interactive cooktop, cabinetry upgrades, simplehuman sensor can.
The living room desing standarts are always on the rise with enhanced aesthetics appearing in all aspects of design. Bathroom styles have also been affected by new energy effective technology – along with many purposeful and necessary elements found in all rooms of the home, such as in the lighting design and basic overall construction from the ground up. Check out the other top technologies of 2015 in the rest of the house.



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