Ever wonder how your light turns off an on? How your cell phone runs? How your fridge runs? These are all accomplished with a circuit board. Here’s an easy history of the circuit board illustrated by this infographic!

From Albert Hanson to Max Schoop, the beginning of the history of the circuit board is tightly connected with a few great minds of the 20th century. In 1903 Albert Hanson made a flat foil conductors which were laminated to an insulating board. Later on, Max Schoop got the patent to flame-spray metal onto a board through a patterned mask, while Arthur Berry got the patent for print and etch method.

During the WW II USA introduced a large scale production of Printed Circuit for proximity fuses to be used for WW II. Nowadays, the use of CAD software is becoming more and more common and through-hole component insertion has been slowly replaced by small surface mounting parts.



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