The following infographic exhibits the people models and manufacturers that shaped the caravan of today. Read more about the history of the caravan.

In 1885 Dr. Gordon stables invented leisure caravanning in the 19th Century with horse drawn caravan he had specially built.

Later on, after WWII Eccles launched its National Caravan in 1946, it was produced on a mass production scale using jigs and flow-line assembly thus keeping prices down.

The ABI Monza range were stylish, light and budget priced and sold well into the next decade. This is another model many caravanners would have owned.

The infographic also provides info about the exceles Motor Transport, Car Cruiser, Ace Caravan, Astral Cameo, Swift Cornice and the concept caravan – Mehzeller.


Source: http://www.ukcaravansdirect.com/

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