Dribbble is a community for the web, graphic, logo, typography, icon and many other designers and creative professionals. This is not only a platform to get noticed and share your work but it also gives an opportunity to see, learn and practice with talented and created web designers from all across the globe. The following infographic will help you find an invite for Dribbble.

The best way to find Dribbble invite is, in fact, to search for it. Search for „dribbble invite” or „dribbble invitation” on Dribbble and click on the Recent tab to see recently submitted shots.

There are some do’s and don’ts you should consider that are also touched by this infographic. For example, you must have a portfolio. On the other hand, never say you have been following rules. The infographic gives a few more tips how to get a Dribbble invitation in the short term.



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