When soldiers return from the battlefields, they have injuries that you may not be able to see. The infographic describes visually how mental health issues such as PTSD, substance abuse, and depression are common among soldiers, and how to look out for them.
Since 2001, approximately 1.64 million U.S. troops have been deployed to support operations in Afganistan and Iraq. Around 30% of soldiers develop a mental health issue within 4 months of returning home. The most common mental issue veterans face at home is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In the second place, 1 of every 3 veterans seeking substance abuse treatment also suffers from PTSD. What is more, about 20% o f military personnel reported binge drinking at least once a week. This behavior continues after active service.

Traumatic brain injury is caused by a sudden blow or jolt to the head. TBI can cause symptoms such as disability, suicidal thoughts, anger.

The infographic also provides tips for improving mental health that will benefit those suffering from PTSD, TBI and sexual trauma to depression.



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