Despite the reputation of Singapore as a conservative country, you might be surprised what goes in the red light district or just on behind the closed doors. This infographic illustrates what is happening between the sheets according to scoured headlines and research from around the world. Read the following infographic to learn more 12 interesting facts about the sex lives of Singaporeans. The infographic gives information about the weekly sexual activity of Singaporeans.

However, despite the fact mentioned above, they start their sexual activity younger. The average prostitute in Singapore’s red light district of Geylang is 26 years old and services four clients daily. The wealthier you look, the more you can expect to fork over. Furthermore, the pornographic material may be illegal in Singapore, but research shows that coming between people and their porn is easier said than done. Check out the rest amazing facts about the Singapore and sex in the infographic below.


Source: http://www.wow-nutrition.com/

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