The biggest fear of any homeowner is a home invasion if they are living with their family or have small children. Most of the victims of home break-ins are assaulted or raped which can be a petrifying thought. Having a security system can help homeowners sleep peacefully without any fear of burglaries. Here are some facts about home invasions or break-ins you should know about.

A greater number of burglaries occur in summer, mostly in July and August with February being the least frequent month for burglaries or break-ins. Burglars find it easy to break into the house through an unlocked door or window, the reason 30 percent burglaries occur due to it. If your house doesn’t have a convenient security system, it has a 300 percent chance of getting burglarized. Tenants are as much likely to experience a burglary as homeowners.

Up to 2 million home burglaries happen in the US every year because only 17 percent houses have security or alarm systems. The police are able to clear less than 13 percent burglary cases due to no camera footage or physical evidence. Burglars pick corner houses for break-ins because it is easily escapable. You may be at risk of another break-in if your house has been previously burglarized.



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