Organizing an event can be a walk in the park! According to the statistics, about £21.8 billion worth the value of conferences and meetings. When organizing an event the first and foremost is to decide what kind of event you intent to facilitate. The possibilities are many – conferences and meetings, exhibitions and trade shows or outdoor events. The following infographic shows the long journey of event planning in 11 steps.

The estimated number of major outdoor events is more than 7,000. What is more, you should be aware how much you can spend. What about the funding? You might rely on ticket sales or crowdfunding platforms.

Once you set up date and location, the transportation is another important question to be considered. How your visitors will get to the event place?

The infographic also highlights on the catering plan and itinerary as your visitors need to be comfortable and relaxed. Read the full infographic below to understand the whole process step by step organizing your next event.


Source: https://www.printsome.com/blog/2016/event-planning-steps/

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