Many centuries ago, the thought of an energy that could produce heat and lighting was unimaginable. It all changed at the start of 600 B.C. That was when a Greek philosopher by the name Thales Miletus discovered static energy. This was noted when amber that was rubbed with silk ended up attracting dust.

Fast forward to 1600 and the term electricity came into existence. One William Gilbert who dug deeper into Thales’s work came to realize that this energy was also related to magnetism. He derived the name from electron which is Greek for amber. Further relations were to be unveiled later on when in 1752 Benjamin Franklin attached a metal wire to a kite and flew it in a storm with a metal key at the end of the string. Lucky for him, he lived to tell the tale.

As the years progressed, the discoveries became more complex. People were curious and this led to numerous trials and error. Thanks to Alessandro Volta tests with wet muslin and metal disks, the first battery was developed in 1800. This was also the century that gave us several other inventions and scholarly materials. For instance, the law of electrical heating was published in 1841, the electrical motor had been unveiled a decade earlier in 1831 and Edison solidified his place in history books with the creation and demonstration of the incandescent bulb in 1879.

By the 1900’s people were now finding ways of utilizing this great energy. W. Carrier came up with the air conditioning while A Goss had the refrigerator. Homes were changing and life was becoming more comfortable. From the year 2000 onwards, there was just about any form of invention you could think of. It was now a matter of customizing things. For example, the lights were being designed to meet specific functions and needs.

Lastly, one important thing you ought to know about this incredible discovery is that it is very dangerous. Unless you know what you are doing, it is always best and safe to let the professionals take the risk. They have not only studied the past and present but also practiced by handling all sorts of installations, repairs and maintenance services.



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