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Even with the reliable technologies we have today, there’s not a guaranteed way to exactly and accurately predict when a typhoon will come and how severe its impact is going to do in an affected land.
People can only anticipate and prepare for typhoons, so coming up with a disaster contingency plan is a must in a nation prone to natural disasters.

A disaster contingency plan contains all the actions to do in case of a natural disaster occurs. Especially those who are living in a country like the Philippines where typhoons are quite frequent, having a disaster contingency plan should be a priority of every household, organization, and community.

A lot of damages have been done by typhoons, and people all over the world were witnesses of such tragic events. Typhoons have claimed numerous lives and destroyed lands, so this should be enough to make a disaster contingency plan a necessity.

Better be prepared than sorry. M2Comms brings you a must-see infographic that discusses how you can be ready before, manage during, and come up after a typhoon.

Disaster+Contingency+Plan +Before,+During,+and+After+Typhoon-infographic-plaza

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