Many people can’t imagine their day without at least one cup of coffee. Some people can’t work or study without it, and some are groggy in the morning until they get their wake-up beverage. Their love for coffee is so strong that only smelling it can make them feel better.

One of the best ways to enjoy coffee is while on vacation in a foreign country, sitting in a cafe and admiring everything that’s new and different around us. Drinking coffee might also be different and new to us abroad. There are countries and people that take pride in their coffee preparation and specific drinking rituals. For example, did you know that in Ethiopia people drink coffee for at least an hour? During that hour, coffee is served three times in three different rounds, and each round has its name.
If you like coffee and are curious to find out how it is prepared and served around the world, take a look at the Coffee Etiquette Around the World infographic. Here you’ll discover interesting and unique ways people order and serve coffee in 8 different countries, and you’ll also enrich your knowledge of what’s considered to be inappropriate coffee drinking behaviour.



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