Whether you are a surfing pro or a novice to the waves, choosing the right surfboard for your abilities and the conditions is crucial to having a successful, enjoyable surfing experience. In that context, the following infographic shows how to choose the right surfboard for you.

The most common types of board are illustrated in the infographic below. Among the cited are the fish, gun, funboard, etc. You can read brief information for each of them and choose the right one for you.

For instance, the fish is similar to a shortboard but is smaller in length. On the other hand, the longboard of malibu (mal) is wide, stable and offers lots of floatation.

Furthermore, the infographic showcases the top selling surfboard models. Moreover, the infographic explores what the surfing pros such as Kelly Slater, Julian Wilson, Stephanie Gilmore ride.

Finally, the opinions of numerous experts are provided which is very helpful for you to choose the best surfboard for you.



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