Around the World in Eight Healthcare Expos thumb

Copybook takes you on a virtual tour around the world to visit the top hospital expos and tradeshows. Find the perfect balance between receiving the best return on investment for attendance at the event while also enjoying the wonderful countries in which they take place.
Visit countries such as Kenya, Brazil, South Korea and more on the whistle-stop tour around the world, getting the latest and freshest insights and updates from the Hospital industries and explore new markets. Events are the perfect place to network and reach out to potential new business, and this infographic will help make important business decisions.

The following infographic illustates a very useful list of eight hospital expos and provides a brief information about each of them. Among the cited hospital expos are Arab Health Expo – End of January, KIMES Expo – Mid March, Med Expo – Early May, Hospitalar – Mid May, Bio International – June, CMEF – July, CPhl Worldwide – October.

Around the World in Eight Healthcare Expos Infographic


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