When it comes to safe driving, a flat tire is an immense threat to our health. Besides, having your tire always flatten causes journey delay and rearranging your schedule. That is why, every driver should know how to change a flat tire properly. So, this infographic shows how to jack safely up a car.

First, know your exact location and never change a tire on a freeway. Your safety is a priority and therefore, call a road service shop. However, if you are in a stage then it is time to gather your tools. It is very important to place a block in front of the wheel, diagonally opposite the one being jacked up.

Furthermore, place a jack under the car’s frame nearest the wheel to be jacked up. If you are using jack stands, place them near the jack. Then, lift your car with the jack and place the jack stands on the right place.

Check out the full infographic tutorial to learn how to change a flat tire.



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