Unless you are from another planet, you must have heard of Alibaba and Amazon. As you know, these gigantic shopping sites are the two biggest names in online shopping that go head to head. This comprehensive infographic shows the amazing stats behind the two shopping sites from the enormous staff numbers to the immense amount of packages sent. First, while Amazon sells about 5 million items a year, Alibaba sells 14.5 million items a year on average.

What is more, Alibaba outnumbers Amazon with more than 9 million packages sent daily. The following infographic also provides statistics how Amazon and Alibaba compare with other household names in 2014. Additionally, the infographic below gives information about the Amazon vs Alibaba site visits in 2015. Finally, the infographic shows how much Alibaba and Amazon worth compared to other multi-billion dollar businesses. Check out the Amazon Alibaba comparison infographic below.



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