Office 365 migration process is bit complex and hence it’s important to plan well & avoid these most common office 365 migration pitfalls.

Here is the list:

Mistake #1: “Who is in charge?” – Choose your project manager wisely

Mistake #2: “What have we got?” – Audit your current systems.

Mistake #3: “I wasn’t told” – Involve all departments/areas of your business

Mistake #4: “Who is doing what?” – Plan your migration well

Mistake #5: “How do I log in and use Office 365?” – Training

Mistake #6: “I only needed my 2019 files to start with” – Prioritize

Mistake #7: “I can’t find all my emails” – Prepare and test your Office 365 destination

Mistake #8: “How did he see my files?” – Maintain Security and compliance

Mistake #9: “it’s so slow on the new system” – Network and Bandwidth

Mistake #10: “I can’t get in to the office” – What are you leaving behind?

Avoid these 10 Most Common Office 365 Migration Mistakes after reading this infographic.


Source: https://www.migration-monster.com/blog/office-365-migration-mistakes

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