If you want to earn more with your sales without having your clients rising in revolt, follow these easy steps:

Ask before Offering

When dealing with a potential client, ask him how much Money he is willing to spend and thus you can adjust your prices so that your offer can be more attractive for the buyer.

Find a Good Bait

An attractive product, that is highly accepted among people, can be a bait to attract more clients.

You can offer it at a lower price of its value to recover profits when selling supplements.

McDonald’s does not fear when offering its burgers for one dollar, since it will recover that Money when selling the complements.

Offer an Inexpensive Option

You must think in the market of those people who do not like spending extra Money.

Cheap and low quality products that may fulfil their function but that are disposable so that you can sell more inexpensive ones but in a continuous way.

32% of the buyers considers the price to be more important than quality.

Create the Premium Option

In any Business you can find these three types of products:

Basic, Normal, and Premium.

Thus you may cover a wide spectrum of potential buyers, among which you may find those that are willing to pay more so as to feel special.

When Apple launched its first computer, it had three options: 16, 32 and 64 megabytes so that people of a few, medium or high resources could get one.

Restructure your Offers

Offers and packages are the best way to make a client buy more than a product at a time.

Besides the idea of buying things at a reduced cost is very satisfactory for the buyers.

Microsoft offers you products such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, inside of Microsoft Office, so that it can sell you three products instead of one.

Source: http://www.egafutura.com/infographics/basic-guide-improve-your-prices


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