For most beginners, the process of selecting a drone goes like this: They go online and check for a cool, good-looking drone they like. Then make sure the price is within the budget, and probably read a few of the reviews (if any available) to make a final call.

A few days later they get their drone, unbox the whole thing, and discover the biggest downside about batteries’ technology for drones these days: Batteries take up to 90 minutes to charge, the drone will fly only 7, and a 90-minute wait will be required before flying again.

But this is not the end of the world, they get used to it and realize it is not that bad. After a few flights (and crashes), some parts get damaged. Only then they think about going online to order spare parts. The ugly truth in most cases is: No spare parts are available!

At this point, the drone is no longer usable, and since no spare parts are available, a whole new unit needs to be bought again. If you ask me, this is a terrible investment of time, money, and energy.

Even if you think this is an exaggerated scenario, you would be surprised with the stories people tell about their “first time” with a drone.

And it is by taking into consideration those comments and my personal experiences, that here at RC Hobbies on Air have created an easy-to-follow 9-step process to buy the best drone for beginners, and have put the steps together in the form of an infographic.


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