If your company is thinking of raising brand awareness or showcasing a new product, you’ll most likely need a new video advertisement to match. Aside from thinking of a fresh concept, you’ll have to scout for a shooting location, decide on an endorser to carry the brand, and find suitable music for the new commercial.

Musical scoring is often reserved for the last leg of the video production process, so it may be easy to brush it aside. However, research shows that music can make your ad more appealing and strengthen your marketing campaign! In 2015, a study by the Nielsen Company showed that among 600 evaluated ads, those with music were consistently scored as more creative and empathic, as well as better at evoking emotions and getting information across. The right music can make help your audience connect more easily to your ad, providing an extra push for them to check out what your brand has to offer. It can also define your brand’s character, which helps if you’re trying to capture the attention of a target audience.

The best part? Choosing the right music for your video ad doesn’t have to be so hard! Here are 6 steps that can streamline your music search.


Source: http://www.mustasarepublic.com/choose-right-music-video-ad/

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