Thanks to contextually customized messages sent to the personal devices of customers you can raise your reach and ROI. Helping you achieve better results the technology idea can be realized by Beacon devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Many brands already are familiar with that method to build proximity solutions to facilitate navigation or promote discount offers. This infographic explores the concept of Beacon technology and provides information about its advantages and insights.

Beacon is poised to grow over the next couple of years with the release of more mobile devices that are compatible with this technology in the market.

According to the infographic explanations, beacons broadcast small packets of data at regular intervals through radio waves. You can see a variety of examples of beacons.

As for the uses cases for beacons, the technology is nowadays widespread and quite attractive. Beacons play a major role in retail marketing. Besides, airports and museums are another appropriate places for implementing the Beacon technology.



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