The infographic is titled as “23 Cool tips that every competitive exam aspirant should follow“. It’s all about an all-round look at competitive exam preparation. Tips are divided into stages to help you easily optimize your preparation. It will motivate and encourage every aspirant to boost their exam preparation.

The infographic recommends to set a goal and visualize yourself achieving it as a first step. Next, comes the implementation stage. Join a good coaching institute and follow only their material till you finish it entirely. The third stage includes figuring out a convenient time for studying and studying at the same chosen time every day.

As far as your health is concerned, you should stabilize your sleep routine and make a schedule for getting some physical exercise. What is more, maintain a healthy diet and drink water regular intervals.

The other stages are about review and guidelines. Stay confident and never lose sight of your goal. That will help you get through the bad days.


Source: http://www.deekshalearning.com/blog/tips-for-a-good-competitive-exam-preparation

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