Throughout history, power has been gained in a multitude of ways; from precise planning to engaging the hearts and minds of the masses. Whichever way it’s achieved, knowledge is always essential, and developments in technology have increased the ways in which information is gathered and used. Despite great advancements, the technology still cannot discern the intention of its operators, leaving inventions designed for the greater good open to misuse by those who seek some power of their own.

This infographic shows 17 ways technology could be used to take over the world. For example, we should mention infectious diseases, cloning, biotechnology, self-driving cars, robotics, online banking, hacking, satellite imagery, identity theft, 3D printers and others. Some of the mentioned are current technologies while other can be called as future technologies. Read the full infographic below to learn about the supervillain potential and level of evil of the illustrated technologies.



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