The following infographic shows all the things you need to know about avoiding very expensive auto repairs. Many people are not familiar with their own car even if they have used it for several years. So, it is crucial to know your vehicle in and out. Moreover, regular servicing would give you a chance to see if the parts of your car are still good or needs to be repaired. You should know that if not taken care of small problems, will result in a bigger problem. Always go with what your manufacturer recommends. That is why, to know how to avoid expensive car repairs, read the infographic below for 10 tips on how to avoid expensive auto repairs.

Furthermore, pay attention to dashboard warning lights and do not drive on near empty tank. Do not forget to make sure that all tires are properly inflated. Finally, sometimes it is recommended to do simple things yourself.


Source: http://familyvehicleguide.com/save-money-on-auto-repair/

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