Have you ever been hiking? If yes, you have at least a general idea of what things you need in the wild. But most millennials nowadays have a very remote understanding of what should be in their survival kit. Let’s see what they would take thanks to the following infographic.

The infographic depicts a comparison between what millennials would take vs what you need to survive in terms of wilderness survival.
Everyone understands they need a fire in the woods. Not everyone, however, knows how to make one – even when they have a lighter. On the other hand, whilst there are many ways to make fire, this is the best choice. You can’t run out of it and it does not take ages to get a lighter going.

As far as cooking is concerned, most people would take salty snacks and chocolate which make you want to drink. And dehydration is a much bigger problem. In reality, you would need a cooking pot. It is very hard to improvise one in the wild. However, it is crucial both to cook for and, more importantly, to boil water.


Source: https://www.naturerated.com/surviving-wilderness/

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