With so many epic submissions in MMA over the past 20 years, choosing just 10 was no easy task; however, we did and we’re sharing our picks with you. Infographic created by Sandoval Freestyle Karate. Fans of all combat sports love a knockout, that is what thrills audiences and persuades people to pay $50 or so for a pay-per-view event. Yet MMA is different to sports like boxing in that there is another way to end a bout prematurely.

While submissions may not be as memorable as a blistering KO, they are the sign of a master craftsman work. A KO can be achieved almost by accident, but forcing an opponent to submit requires excellent technique and skill (except for one example we show).

In the infographic below, look at the 10 of the best and most memorable MMA submissions.


Source: http://www.sandovalkarate.net/10-greatest-submissions-mma-date/

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