From the ancient to the ultra-modern, a wide variety of materials can be used to build a house. While environmental factors and availability of material might influence what is built where size, shape and design of properties are limited only by the imagination of the designer. The following infographic shows the ingredients that make a house. Keep in mind that all figures are approximate.

You will find information about the ingredients of an Inuit igloo, Darfur mud house, Mongolian yurt, Cambodian stilt house, South African rondavel, two-story brick house, wood-framed house, etc. Of course, always bear in mind that figures also depend on house size. An interesting feature of the infographic is the Burj Khalifa ingredients information. For instance, the world tallest building consist of more than 24000 windows 43000 tonnes steel.


Source: http://www.cobaeurope.com/

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