Do you know that married couples filed the majority of bankruptcies in the US? Or that actually employed filed the majority of bankruptcy? If the answers are negative then the statistics and demographics depicted in this business infographic may surprise you.

Debtors ages 35 to 54 totalize more more than half of the filers and more than 70% of debtors are Causian/White. Second come African American/Black people followed by Latino/Hispanic and Asians. If we look the education statistics you may surprise that more than 70% debtors didn’t graduate from collage. Individuals at greatest risk of filling are those who started college but not finished.
Married was the dominant martial status of those seeking bankruptcy protection. However, this is not surprising when compared against the U.S. Census Bureau data which shows that 50.3% of the adult population is currently married.



US Bankruptcy Facts and Figures


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