The infographic is based on the world’s youngest self-made billionaire Elizabeth Holmes and Evan Spiegel’s personality. In case you live in a cave far away in the mountains then might not have heard about the mobile app of Evan Spiegel. He is the founder of Snapchat, a mobile photo, and video messaging app with 100 million daily users which launched in 2011. As for Elizabeth Holmes, she established a billion dollar biotech company with a revolutionary approach to blood testing. The goal of her company, Theranos, is to make clinical testing cheaper and faster.

The following infographic explores some key facts for the personal life of both young billionaires such as age, marital status, and education. On the other hand, the infographic describes their personality traits, hobbies and interests and even controversy.

Turning to their lifestyle, Evan Spiegel is a frequent international traveler and hangs out with other celebrities in his downtime as opposed to Elizabeth Holmes who has not taken a holiday in 10 years.



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