A class G license is required if you plan on driving a car, van, or small truck. This is the first license you need to obtain before you qualify to drive any other kind of vehicle. This infographic explains the process of obtaining a full class G license.

First, read about the requirements for a class G license. You must be at least 16 years old and pass a knowledge test regarding rules of the road and signs.

Next, the process for obtaining a full class G licence is also touched by the following infographic. The process is explained thoroughly step by step. Starting with studying for the written knowledge test and then check the following steps.

Finally, the infographic lists things to know. The vision test takes a few minutes – if you need corrective lenses take them. The temporary driver’s license is made of paper and is valid for 90 days. When you have a Class G1 license, you must maintain a zero blood-alcohol level. Make sure every passenger with you wears a seat belt. If this person is 21 and under, the blood alcohol level must be zero. If unsuccessful, you can try the road test again if your Class G2 license has not expired.


Source: https://www.apnatoronto.com/ontario-g1-test/

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