With smart watches monitoring our health and smart appliances modernising our home lives, technology is changing the way in which we live. Discover how technology is changing the motoring industry, and see which innovations will shape the way in which you drive in the future. So, the infographic below showcases top ten that is shaping the motoring industry. You will learn more about autonomous vehicles, driver override systems, biometric vehicle access, comprehensive vehicle tracking, active window displays, remote vehicle shutdown, active health monitoring and smart/personalised in-car marketing.

According to the infographic, by 2020, we will have cars capable of being fully autonomous in certain circumstances, most likely rural interstates with minimal variables and no inclement weather. As for biometric vehicle access, Ford Motor Company was recently granted a patent for a biometric device that uses fingerprints, retinal scans and voice recognition.

Read on the full infographic below and learn details related to the cited cutting-edge driving technologies.



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