You might know that there is a difference between hackers and spyware work pattern. On the one hand, spyware usually consists of monitoring software. On the other hand, hacking viruses work differently. So, to corrupt some vital user data hackers use viruses for hacking purposes. Therefore, the result is destroying or taking control of information.

The main difference between hackers and spyware is that the main motivation for spy software is to acquire information and not taking control of it. That is why, spy software have no harmful objectives; they only monitor the activity of the user.

Furthermore, hacking activities of stealing information, credit cards data and another valuable information is illegal and punishable offense under the laws of cyber crimes. On the contrary, despite their contradictory nature spy software are not illegal under the US laws. Check out the following infographic to learn more about hacking and spy software.


Source: https://www.theonespy.com/spy-vs-hackers/

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