Spotting a drunk driver sometimes could be an easy task. Nevertheless, many times you should be prepared to indentify an intoxicated driver in the car to protect yourself and your family while travelling. The infographic explains visually how to spot a drunk driver and prevent any car accident. Despite the majority of drivers admit that drinking and driving is a deadly practice many of them still do it on a regular basis. Due to that a list of typical behavours of drunk drivers was created.

From making wide turns to center line hugging, the intoxicated drivers are tend to fail to stay in line as well. Ocassionally, they inappropriately signal while driving and usually not use headlights. A common violation is the excessive breaking or speeding as well as stopping for no reason.

Read the full infographic to learn how to react adequately to drunk driver on the road and follow the instructions provided to report the wrongdoer to the police.


Source: http://johnston-lawfirm.com/practice-areas/motor-vehicle-accidents/portland-drunk-driving-accidents/

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