Marketing+Psychology +Human+Behaviour’s+Influence+on+Social+Media+Marketing-infographic-plaza-thumb

One secret that genius marketers have is they incorporate principles of psychology to their marketing strategies. By understanding how consumers think, feel, and choose as well as how they are influenced by their environment, marketers can form an effective marketing strategy to gain customers. In social media marketing, this psychological approach in marketing is still applicable.

A psychological phenomenon whereby people tend to have a preference people or things that they are familiar with. The more they are exposed to something, the more they like it.

This infographic is dedicated to marketing psychology and explains human behaviour’s influence on social media marketing. What is more, the infographic elaborates on the buffer effect of social support. When you know that someone will support you all the way and stay by your side, it makes situations less stressful for you. The perception and actuality that you have a support system can „buffer“ your stress levels.

Marketing+Psychology +Human+Behaviour’s+Influence+on+Social+Media+Marketing-infographic-plaza


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