Today’s paint products are much safer than those being used just a few decades ago, with paints being labeled as Low or Zero VOC and stating the solid content percentage. When buying paint, one can choose from watercolors, oil paints, binder agents, paint solvents, and modifiers/thickeners. This infographic covers the brief history of paint, the evolution of the paint and the process of manufactoring paint.

When you view any painted surface, the color is obviously what you notice. But did you know that paint manufactured from pure color alone would be utterly useless? A pigment, normally powder material in its pure form, needs to be added.

As far as the environment is concerned, paint manufacturers are now committed to „green” painting manufacturing, mainly because regulations have forced their hand. What is more, the infographic shows the eco-friendly paint sold today. They are divided into four types: watercolors, binders,  oil paints, modifiers, and solvents.



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