Throughout the years fashion has changed significantly. From bowler hats and S-bend corsets to mini skirts used in the turn of the century, baseball caps and flares, this infographic shows how the fashion has evolved over time for both genders. For instance, during the 1900s ladies wore a fashionable S-bend corset with frilly blouses that included lace decorations.

Meanwhile, men wore three-piece lounge suits and wore bowler or cloth caps. Later on, during the 1930s men wore 3-piece suits formally or for work purposes only. Furthermore, in the 1960s the mini skirt was introduced, and there was more experimentation with colors, patterns and textures.

Clothing started becoming more unisex than ever. The early 80s were similar in fashion styles to the late 70s with lots of brown and orange in place. Check out this infographic devoted to the history of clothing during the 1900’s.


Source: Branded Workwear UK

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