Some people believe that the best flooring option is the beautiful natural timber. A flooring of wood system provides the advantages of comfort, health and aesthetics. When properly installed and maintained, wood flooring is not designed to be changed every few years except under usual circumstances. This infographic devoted to timber flooring explores the pros and cons of that flooring.

On the one hand, the infographic provides a list of the advantages of sanding and polishing the floor. Later on, the preliminaries in sanding are illustrated. Keep in mind the necessary steps in the application of urethane finish. First, maintain a wet edge which means that urethane should be applied in a pattern that progresses across the room like a wave travelling a pond. However, always be aware the back-brush.

What is more, a comprehensive guide of wood floor finishes is introduced to the readers. The list includes water-based, oil-based, wax, acrylic impregnated and moisture-cured finishes.


Source: http://www.nufloors.co.nz/

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