Have you ever wondered how much energy is associated with owning and maintenance of a pool? The following infographic will help you open your eyes to the scale of energy costs tied with in-ground pools. The goods news is that with just a few simple additions like an automatic cleaning system, solar energy collectors, LED lighting and pool enclosures will lower the consumption drastically.

Fortunately, the problem could be easily resolved and is beneficial to both pool owners and for people who care about the environment. According to the infographic, residential pools use 9-14 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually. Almost 50% more electricity is used by homes with pools annually that is about $500 in higher energy bills.

The infographic provides tips beneficial for pool owners to conserve energy comprising pool enclosures, reduce heat and maintenance. For example, each increased degree in temperature equals 10% more in energy costs.


Source: http://www.weatherport.com/energy-costs-owning-pool/

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