Wow… Electronic Cigarettes. We at have a passion for electronic cigarettes. Not only are they the most amazing devices ever made, but they help people quit smoking traditional cigarettes; the facts that make electronic cigarettes a safer alternative, find out how electronic cigarettes work, the benefits electronic cigarettes bring to smokers around the globe. And the groundbreaking results, the ingenious… that is a part of what makes Electronic Cigarettes so amazing!

So we share with you a few facts of the most marvelous device in the world! Also known as an e-cigarette, electronic cigarettes are electronic devices which imitate how tobacco smoking works through production of inhaled mist having the same physical feeling, look and oftentimes the taste and nicotine content of inhaled tobacco smoke, but without its smell and health risks.

With the use of heat, or sometimes ultrasonics, the device vaporizes a glycerin-based liquid or propylene glycol solution to an aerosol mist. The procedure is almost the same as a nebulizer or humidifier, when it vaporizes solutions for breathing.

Though e-cigarettes come in different sizes, mostly because of its different battery capacities and many other factors, they all share three key components. Check out this amazing infographic which gives a visual of electronic cigarettes work.



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