The following infographic provides statistics about drunk driving in Texas. In 2013, Texas led the nation with 1,337 deaths caused by a drunk driver. Moreover, about one in three traffic deaths in the United States involve a drunk driver. Fortunately, thanks do dedicated efforts, rates of drunk driving and alcohol-involved fatal crashes have gone down in recent years. Still, drunk drivers got behind the wheel millions of times.

An interesting fact is that in Texas sobriety checkpoints are not allowed. The infographic below shows some strategies that are proven to work. For example, school-based instructional programs are effective at teaching teens not to ride with drunk drivers. More evidence is needed to see if these programs can also reduce drunk driving and related crashes. Additionally, mass media campaigns spread messages about the physical dangers and legal consequences of drunk driving. They persuade people not to keep other drivers from doing so.


Source: https://baumgartnerlawyers.com/drunk-driving-in-texas-infographic

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