Take a look at how you can use toys in your learning activities at home. This great infographic provides useful information that will help you raise your child.

​The humble rubber duck might not immediately spring to mind as being a learning toy, but grab a set of different colored ducks and you can use them to work on:
Color Recognition
Building Fine Motor Skills

What you need as supplies are plastic ducks in 3 different colors, 3 medium sized plastic containers and 1 large plastic tray. You will find how to play catch a ducking fine motor skills game step by step. This could be a lot of fun for you children as well as educative. One great tool to use is tongs as these are an excellent fine motor tool to have in your learning toys supplies. Their employment gives the muscles in your child’s wrists fingers and hands an all over work out to help strengthen them as children play.

Read this infographic and provide your kids fun while learning how to play catch a duckling fine motor skills game. Every person uses their fine motor skills every day so playful learning and sensory play duck activities is another perspective.


Source: https://learningtoyguide.com/

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