When comes to pets their owners are very concerned about their health and eating habits. That is why for them it is essential to feed their cats with quality food. For that reason many cat owners wonder what their pets can eat. In that context, the following infographic answers the question „Can my cat eat that” and shows 40 human foods that are good, moderate and dangerous for your cat.

Sometimes people ask quite weird questions related to their pets. If you have ever wondered can your cat eat coconut oil check out this infographic. Honestly, many times I have wondered can my cat eat dog food. Thats a different question, though. As far as human foods are conserned, I want to know can my cat eat cheese.

According to the infographic below, you should feed your cat with eggs, rice, pumpkin, and peas. On the other hand, do not feed your cat with avocado, onion, beer or chocolate. Candy and gun are also not recommended as proper cat food.


Source: http://catoverdose.com/what-do-cats-eat-a-look-at-40-human-foods/

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