When it comes to children health, we are all very strict and concerned. Our beloved kids love eating chocolates and candies, but the threats for their teeth are just round the corner. There are many good and bad habits regarding oral health care. The habits you need to practice and those you need to avoid to achieve the ultimate goal – a million dollar smile are provided in the following dental care infographic.

Brushing your teeth twice daily before you go to bed and anytime during the day using gentle circular movements is one the must-do habits. Moreover, drinking the right beverages milk, green and black teas is also very beneficial. It is crucial to remember that going for your regular dental check-up of dental problems.

As for the bad habits, the irregular or no brushing will result in cavities and gum problems. What is more, eating sugary and starchy foods such as chocolates, candies and chips are not healthy for your oral health.
Besides, the infographic illustrates a selection of the right dental care products and how to do it right.



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