Any international students who want to study in USA, they must have a Student Visa to Study in USA. However, before applying for your student visa, you’d better know more about the process of Student Visa [F1 & M1 Visa]. Student Course and type of school will determine that whether you need F1 Visa or M1 Visa. F1 Visa is the most common type of student Visa to Study in USA. As for M1 Visa, a student who plans to study in Vocational courses and other recognized non-academic institution needs M1 Visa.

The following infographic shows the basics steps to get your Student Visa. First, you must get accepted to a university and then complete the online Visa Application. After that, pay fees to Visa, gather required documents and schedule an interview. Finally, your F1 Visa interview will decide whether you are qualified to get F1 Visa or not.



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