7 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Technology Will Totally Disrupt the Real estate industry-infographic-plaza-thumb

Virtual reality/augmented reality are amazing technologies with so many implications and applications. When you think of virtual reality your mind might jump immediately to its potential use for computer games, but that’s the least of its applications.

You might be surprised to find out the virtual reality and actually help the environment in many ways and make life a lot easier (and if you’re a real estate agent or developer, a lot more profitable).

Imagine the next time you buy a house or look for a rental property, rather than spending time stuck in traffic, you put a new virtual reality headset and are able to walk through multiple properties in the space of a few minutes. Imagine how much money and time developers will save not having to build villages of model homes that display all the different fittings furnishings and layouts possible for their clients. Instead began a virtual reality model home can be built in just days and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional model home, and better yet in virtual reality prospective buyers can look at many different furnishings and fittings in real time depending on their interests and needs.

These are just some of the potentials of virtual reality technology which are explained in this infographic.

7 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Technology Will Totally Disrupt the Real estate industry-infographic-plaza

Source: http://www.render3dquickly.com/blog/2017/5/25/7-reasons-why-virtual-reality-technology-will-totally-disrupt-the-real-estate-industry-infographic

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