Link building is not a highly specialised skillset – in fact, anyone can try to do it! The process is time-consuming, but if applied correctly, the rewards are enormous. Increase your local reach and exposure, and work in Google’s favour for better rankings! Try Link Building yourself today – it can be easily done by anybody!

This infographic covers many aspects of local SEO link building including local resources such as local directories, local partnership, testimonials and local news. Crucial are methods like strategic blogging, image link building and inducing people to link to the page. In that manner, small businesses can achieve great Google presence and attract more visitors to their websites.

In fact, all mentioned local SEO link building strategies are applicable to non-local SEO efforts as well.


Source: https://www.quantumweb.com.au/digital-marketing-blog/article/6-simple-local-seo-link-building-strategies-for-small-businesses.html

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